why is dating so hard : Simply what does ones legend sign point out of your relationship style?

Don’t pretend you have super high standards when you don’t actually have any. It is better to actually develop high standards.

Just promise yourself that you will continuously work on your success with women. Hang out with different women, but don’t be afraid to go into something deeper with one woman.

That way you will get a very good idea of ​​what you like about women and what you certainly don’t. This increases your demands on its own and you no longer need to pretend.

23 sentences and 3 techniques that will make you so irresistible that she will go completely crazy about you?

My chosen one is pretty stressed and under pressure right now. Her legal traineeship ends in September, so she doesn’t really have a clear head.

In addition, the separation from her ex was not that long ago. All of this is clear to me and of course I accept it. I also think that it works quite well for it (mainly via whatsapp; a real date).

On the one hand, I would like to support her with her tense situation (unplatonic, of course), on the other hand, I fear that my game will fall asleep with her if I hold back too much.

Hi Klaus, I’ve been devouring this blog for a few days. I am enthusiastic and try to implement a few things, which resulted in my current situation. Well, I say: “The girl is pretty high on my personal scale. We know each other through our joint training. She is also married. She is 22 years old. In vocational school we sat next to each other for the last 2 years. It is more like average, I am even two average. Why there was a teacher-student connection. But I always supported them without asking anything in return. I just wanted to help her. It is pretty, but until a few weeks ago it did not appear in my loot scheme. I don’t know why that has changed now. I really like them. Before I discovered the blog here, I occasionally wrote to her via WhatsApp. Now there is no personal gossip because I asked if she could theoretically imagine something with me if she were single. Today I know that it was pussylike. Experiences make you smarter. Now I’ve tried to communicate with her via the blog. I used NH2 in the wahtsapp and tried to establish physical contact. Is a bit more difficult because I don’t have the flirting status and she is always surrounded by 2 friends.

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