why is dating so hard : Just what does your own legend sign state regarding your dating fashion?

It is important to talk about the feelings or maybe also about the fears.

Couples who live together now have exactly the opposite problem. They sit in the booth together all day and get on each other’s nerves. That can be exhausting. Again, communication is key for happy couples.

If both are sitting at the kitchen table in the home office and then have dinner at the same table, the other one can quickly become too much. Clear agreements should be made to prevent this from happening.

Who works where, when, what is their leisure time like, who needs time for themselves and when? These arrangements help not to bother each other in the apartment.

Because of course the time together is nice and romantic, but everyone – and that is quite normal – needs time for themselves. To take a deep breath, to reflect. If the partner demands this time, no one should feel trodden on. Rather, you should use the time gained for yourself.

But joint activities outside of your own four walls should also continue to be pursued. To get some fresh air while walking is – yet – not a crime. Jogging together is also good for your body, mind, and relationship.

If you want to use the newly gained time to take your relationship to the next level, you can also actively work on it. There are even dedicated apps for this very purpose.

A trip to the fresh air is not (yet) prohibited in times of the coronavirus and is good for the relationship.

Apps such as the English-language application Happy Couple or the app Pairfect from Switzerland are intended to bring couples closer together – regardless of whether they live together or in a long-distance relationship. Happy Couple is a kind of relationship quiz that consists of 1200 questions.

The answers should show how well the partners actually know each other. There are points for matches and you can even go up a level.

That can maintain the relationship, at least if everything is in tact. If there is already a crisis, this can be the source of new arguments. “The more tense the relationship and the less willing you are to question yourself, the more difficult it becomes,” says couple therapist David Wilchfort to the Süddeutsche Zeitung.

The couple therapist has been researching the secret of a happy relationship for years. He is of the opinion that such apps can playfully promote communication in a relationship. The secret of a happy relationship? According to Wiechert: Appreciation. “It’s pointless to judge bad. It’s about highlighting good.”

The Pairfect app would also like to help couples grow together during the coronavirus period instead of beating each other’s heads. Relationships are being put to an extreme test in the current phase, “says Prof. Dr. Rainer Banse from the University of Bonn.

But couples would also have the chance to emerge stronger from this crisis. “Maintaining relationships, especially through communication and appreciation of the partner, is essential in the coming weeks.” Banse, who provides scientific support for the Pairfect app.

The app is intended to give new impulses for the relationship and provides the couple with small tasks that should bring new momentum to the house. These and other apps are little helpers that can facilitate communication in relationships. However, if a relationship is already over, apps will no longer help. In acutely difficult phases, conversations are probably the best remedy. May

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